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Hard fast door

Release date:2016-08-05

Aluminum high speed door, also called a roller shutter. It is a new model of high speed metal door with burglar proof and high temperature resistance. Solid material, automatic and easy to operate.

Technical parameters

Control system

Servo system, DSP ingrated circuit, and the opening height of the door set by the signal received from encoder fitted at the end of the motor.

Control box: IP54 control box

Motor system

  Nissei encoder from Japan, brake on shortage, large reducer and manual release mechanism, etc.

Strong load capacity. more than 2,000 running times per day.

2000 pixel encoder, manual release mechanism.

Side track

No noise for high speed movement and no friction on heavy duty track

Running mechanism

Several parts: aluminum panel, soft rubber, heavy duty chain, guide wheel, etc.The control type curtain mechanism consists of aluminum alloy curtain, soft adhesive strip, load-bearing rubber chain, guide wheel and so on.

1, 200mm wide aluminum panel, andonized power coating according to GB/T5237.1-5-2000, 2 optional colour: silver grey and burgundy. high tensile exceeding 230B/MPA.

2, A million folding times guarantee on flexible connection parts of aluminum panels.

3, Door panels is placed in good order by chain mechanism for smooth laying 

4, Polythene guide wheel slides in aluminum railing, no friction and noise on high speed movement

Security system

1, Ultrared  sensor for protection: sensor fitted into the frames both sides, the door keeps open if there is anything in the opening. The door will open up to the maximum height if anything is passing through the opening. The door will shut down when there is no movement under.

2, Bottom security bar: If anything is bypassing under the door when the door is shutting, security bar will stop and open up to the maximum open level when the bar has an immediate touching of the objective under. This function will protect any people and stuff under the door.

3, Integarted sensor vertically installed, made up by 18 sensors and applied on 485 TCP/IP, that forms a proctection by determination on calculation of real time height of running door

Supplying power

220V/380V/13A/single phase/50HZ/

Functions and abilities


  Ultrared sensor, bottom safe bar, integrated sensor, forms a net of security monitoring system

Hard material and windproof

Capability of windproof

30 M/S (DIN EN 12424 and for wind grade 11)


Data: K-VALUE 0.4W/M2K


Seals in both tracks, seal on the connection parts of door panels

Manual function

Manual device for emergency


 Turbo and Oval, Vertical lifting, Right Angle, Standard options: Turbo and Oval

Where to use

  Widely used in underground parkinglot, automobile manufacturing center, food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezer store, logistics, storage, etc. 

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