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Fabric sheet roller shutter

Release date:2016-08-04


HMST industrial flexible fabric sheet door


Width: 1250mm-4000mm Height: 1500mm-4000mm

Control system

1, Touch screen intercom: completed COM system, eco after handing over and in warranty 


2, Limitation technolgy: multi loop encoder is key part of limitation technology, upgraded version of traditional volume enlargement encoder (pulse counting for stopping) and single loop value encoder (counting on numbers of cycle).


A, Memory on high-speed door at position of power off: Manual operation on doors during power-off, no need for resetting when power is on(provisional)


B, Alarm on wrong connections to control box and motor to avoid big accident caused by later maintenance and shifting


C, Running position setting and recognition: when the position of limitation is set, wrong position will be monitored and the sign of "fault" displayed. The motor must be stopped and resetted for restart. This function will sort out the brake failure. 


D, Error collection and recorded: Faults memorized in encoder, full range limitation technology will store the data


3, Adaptor: adjustable running speed of roller shutter, no need for resetting


4, Professional drive board and hardware: Many problem can be caused by old control system as acting time of door if switches, miscounting of voume enlargement encoder and wrong connections of PLC and multi loop encoder

Drive motor

Grande high frequency motor is fitted on high speed door with chain mechanism, high efficiecy, strong braking and long life.

Low speed  at the end

No noise on stable operation and better brake protection and speed limitation.

Running speed

ajustable speed from 0.6 to 1.2M/S for opening; minimum speed close speed at 0.6M /S

Fabric sheet

2mm coated PCV high strength fabric sheet made by reinforced mesh


High quality carbon steel plate, andonized and texture power coating


PVC chain mechanism connecting door sheet , wind resistance, side bar re-positioning after emergency stop

Bottom seal

Wind resistance

Maximum 6 levels

Security parts

1, Ultrared security sensor: camera on both sides of the door frame to monitor, keeping door open if the objectives under the door, the door reverse to maximum height of opening if any objective bypassing, will close down when the objective left.(Basic model)

2, Bottom security bar: Door open backwards to the maximum opening height when security bar touches the objective under gate and the objective at inaccess area for sensor monitoring. (Optional)

Manual function

Use spanner to open the door when power is off or disorder

Power supply

220V/13A/ single phase /50HZ/60HZ, IP54 control box, according to safety regulations for national electrical work.


Ip54 waterproof and dustproof in hazzard.


Single button switch with emergency stop, Optional: Radar sensor, magnetic sensor, pull rope, remote control, etc.

Reserved port

Reserved ports in control system: Ultrared security switch, magnet sensor, radar sensor, pull rope, remote control, etc. for alterations and additions in the projects



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